Zhenjiang Fineworld Automotive Technology CO.,LTD was established in June 2001, which was formly known as Fineworld Limited Company. On November 2, 2016, board of limited shareholders determined to change it into a joint stock limited company with registered capital of 94.28 million yuan. The company mainly produces automotive electronic control system components, wiper system components, pure plastic components of power and safety system, bodywork and accessory system, stamping components of stretching and bracket. The company cooperates with world-famous tier one automobile component suppliers -- representative customers are Bosch, Valeo, Boose, Inteva, Inergy and so on. ...
7月18日炎炎,上海天祥认证公司的两位审核老师不畏酷暑,来到镇江泛沃进行了ISO14001:2015环境体系认证审核。 上午9点,在一
7月6日上午10时20分AVO Carbon Group集团采购和生产副总裁Mr. GRIMAUD一行如期莅临泛沃访问,董事长张荣成先生亲自于办公楼门前迎
6月13日,阳光明媚,对于泛沃公司来说是个重要的日子,期待已久的以Emmanual. Flipo 总裁为首一行人员来泛沃进行Genba Check的审
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